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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NeedMoreCookies?
NeedMoreCookies is a fun website to simplify the access to all the funstuff on the Internet. Our ambition is to offer a great possibility to enjoy funny pictures, animations, flashgames and videos in an easy and fast way (e.g., in breaks and/or to detract from everyday life).

2. Can anyone submit a link?
Yes, send us the link to the content via our contact form.

3. Is NeedMoreCookies offered in languages other than English?
No, maybe in the nearer future.

4. Is it planned to add more funny features to NeedMoreCookies?
Yes, there will be several updates. Stay tuned with us.

5. Want to advertise but don't know how?
Thank you, you can share us with your friends and recommend us (e.g., on facebook, twitter).

6. How do I get in touch with you?
Write us an E-Mail: contactus [at] needmorecookies [dot] com or use our contact formular at
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